Thursday, May 15th

Hop Farm Brewing Co., Lawrenceville


Opening Course

Seared Tuna, Crispy Sushi Rice, Miso Sauce, and Siracha Salt


Second Course

Honey Chipotle Lacquered Boudin Blanc with a Triple Cheese Beggars Purse and Rosemary Crisp

Margot-Sour Mash


Charred Skirt Steak with Harissa, Smoked Mashed Potatoes, and Braised Greens

One Nut Brown Ale


Chocolate Carmel Tart with a Crisp Rice Crust Garnished with Fresh Berries

Hop Farm IPA


Hop Farm Brewing Company Beer Descriptions (written by Matt Gouwens – Owner):

Provision:                               4.2% Alc. By Vol.                 24 IBU’s

This is our original farmhouse recipe.  Provision is a Saison brewed in the Belgian farmhouse style.  We use Belgian Pilsner, German Wheat Malt, and Slovenian and American hops. The spicy and floral notes come from the hops and this very special strain of yeast used to ferment the beer.

One Nut Brown:                  4.5% Alc. By Vol.                 29 IBUS’s

Just A squirrel trying to get a nut!  But seriously, this is an American Brown ale, brewed with mostly English Malts, including Chocolate, Pale Chocolate, and Crystal Malt. Hops used, are both English and American. So what makes it an American Brown Ale?  We use California Ale yeast and let it get pretty dry for a nut brown.

Hop Farm IPA:                      5.9% Alc. By Vol.                 59 IBU’s

Grow Your Own! That’s our Motto here.  This west coast style IPA has a little bit of local lupulin in every glass. Hopped with Local Cascade (Grown at our own farm), Columbus, Apollo and Bravo, it finishes crisp and refreshing.

Margot:                                    7.5% Alc. By Vol.                 3 IBU’s

My Mothers favorite. Our Inagural Bottle Released and Collaboration Beer. Margot is an Imperial Berliner Weisse (our stretch on the style). Napoleon once described the Berliner Weisse style as “The Champagne of the North” traditionally brewed between 2-4% ABV. Our interpretation is closer to champagne weighing in at 7.5% ABV. This beer is 100% compliant with the German Purity Law (Reinheitsgebot), using water, malt, hops and yeast. Cheers!

$50 per person — Reservations Required

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