Lobster-Fest 2018

Join us for our once a year lobster specials!! (Thursday, August 16th through Saturday, August 25th)


Lobster Corn Chowder

Lobster Salad

Poached Lobster with Smoked Corn, Tomatoes, Chive Oil, Crisp Lettuce, and a Drizzle of Minus 8 Tomato Vinegar


Lobster and Shrimp Mac and Cheese

Lobster and Shrimp Tossed with Fresh Pasta, Rich White Cheddar Béchamel, and Roasted Peppers – Topped with Crunchy Herb Bread Crumbs



Lobster Corn Chowder


Tempura Lobster Rolls

Lobster, Spicy Mayo, and Masago Tobiko Wrapped in Nori and Fried with a Crunchy Tempura Breading – Served with Wasabi Aioli, Pickled Ginger, and Soy Dipping Sauce



Lobster Croquettes

A Duo of Lobster Cakes with a Crispy Crust, White Cheddar Béchamel, and Chives – Served with Rice Pilaf and a Choice of Vegetable


Stuffed Lobster

Lobster Stuffing and Lobster Tail From a Whole 1 ¼ lobster (with all the work done for you)with Brown Butter  Hollandaise, Rice Pilaf, and a Choice of Vegetable


Low Country Lobster Boil

Lobster, Shrimp, and Mussels in a Light Tomato Broth with Corn and Potatoes – Topped with a Crunchy Refreshing Celery and Pepper Slaw